About Us

NexColl was created to address a simple need: To help debt collection agencies collect debt faster via an intuitive user interface that is incredibly efficient.

NexColl was created by financial technology professionals with over 20 years of experience working with banks, financial institutions, and debt collection agencies in Malaysia and greater Southeast Asia.

The Malaysian debt collection industry is far more complex than most other parts of the world, and we felt that it requires a solution created by people who truly understand the Malaysian market. In that regard, NexColl is unparalleled, because it was designed specifically to address the needs of the Malaysian debt collection agencies. We also make sure that our solution is 100% compliant with Malaysian banking regulations, and backed by a team who are no strangers to deploying solutions for large financial institutions with enterprise needs, as well as small and medium businesses who simply need a fast, reliable, and ready to deploy plug-and-play technology.